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ARNOLD Control units

Our safety system is centered all around highly intelligent control technology. The ARNOLD control units premium and comfort ensure optimal functionality and efficiency exactly matching the individual configuration of every single system.

Control box premium

Control box premium

The ARNOLD control box premium is a comprehensive yet flexible solution for optimizing loading operations. Thanks to its intelligent control technology you need just one control box to operate not only your dock leveller but also doors, truck restraints, motor-driven dock-shelters / dock seals or height adjustable dock bumpers. Devices may be connected to the control premium all at once or one at a time as the need arises. Besides, a digital display on the control box enables the user to check the state of the connected devices at any given time as well as allowing for the easy execution of more complex queries with no need for a specialized technician.

Control box premium in stainless steel

For special applications such as food logistics the control box premium is also available in a high quality stainless steel version that withstands even frequent use of aggressive cleaning agents.

Control box comfort

The ARNOLD control box comfort increases the safety of loading operations by interacting with a truck restraint such as the ARNOLD electric wheel chock on one side and the controls of dock leveller and / or door on the other side. The control box features red and green LEDs, which clearly show if loading may start, or not as well as an alarm horn that immediately starts to sound in case the electric wheel chock is taken away prematurely.