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We offer

Loading facilities, wheel risers, portable loading ramps and much more: our family business with in- house product development and own assembly department is directed towards the business excellence, quality and after sales service. At ARNOLD Loading Systems, each product is designed to satisfy the peculiarities of our customers- service from a single source.

Research and development

We are always searching for new ways to create innovative solutions and to improve our existing products. For example we successfully completed an extensive research project that lead to the development of simple yet efficient systems for safe docking and automatic loading. This research was partially funded by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie .

History and future


Established in 1972, we are today one of the leading providers of loading technology. Innovation to us means cooperating with universities and applying their basic research findings to solutions which address our customers' needs in a very real and pragmatic way. Some of our products are omnipresent in the market, like ARNOLD spring steel buffer or safety jacks.


In 2008, Dr.- Ing. Annette Arnold, daughter of the sole proprietor Alfred Arnold, joined the management. The engineer received multiple scientific awards and will ensure economically efficient systems which in terms of quality, function and reliability meet our customers’ requirements.