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ARNOLD docking station - fast and secure Loading

Efficient and time saving: The truck is positioned and secured immediately upon arriving with no need for further manual operations.

Space saving: No need for civil engineering as pits for dock levellers are no longer necessary. This means more storage space.

Flexible: A truck that is equipped for docking at the ARNOLD docking station remains nevertheless compatible with other conventional docking systems.

Optimal impact protection: trucks bump into the docking station without touching the building.

Protection from inadvertent rolling: The truck is automatically blocked as soon as it docks. No additional operation needed. Forgetting impossible.

No more up and down movements: Dock levellers designed for compensating the truck's floating movements become unnecessary thanks to the docking station’s solid support.

Future: The ARNOLD docking station is the ideal preliminary for the ARNOLD automatic loading system.

Environmentally friendly and energy saving: No hydraulics. Nearly no air draughts or thermal bridges which, combined with space saving, leads to a substantial decrease in energy costs.