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Dock light ARNOLD Flexarm for well illuminated cargo bays

Beside the right temperature a well illuminated workplace is ergnomically important. Studies show that there is a coherence between the work performance and the illumination intensity. A poor illumination leads to more work accidents.

Cargo bays are usually not or only poorly illuminated. This problem can be easily fixed by the usage of the ARNOLD® dock light flex arm. It illiminates the cargo bay and is mounted to the inside of the building wall. Due to the easy to operate flex arm the light can be optimally adjusted.

ARNOLD® dock light Flexarm:

  • LED as energy efficient luminant
  • flexible, vivotable arm for optimal glare free adjustment
  • color of dock light body: yellow

ARNOLD Magic Air and ARNOLD Dock Light


Cold winters, warm summers- extreme temperatures put high demands on the personnel during the loading and unloading process. Heat and cold are especially annoying in the interior of trucks.


Traditional heating systems aren’t a real solution. Radiant heaters require too much space, are inefficient and their wires are an additional source of danger.

ARNOLD Magic Air, by contrast, leads the way for a new form of heating. Mounted in the upper corner of the door, this piece of equipment absorbes the well- tempered air from the building and gives it off into the truck. In this way, it ensures pleasant temperatures inside the vehicle.

In addition to the correct temperature, proper lighting plays a decisive role during the loading operation. Inadequate lighting represents a possible risk to health and safety of the workers. ARNOLD Dock Light is the robust and powerful solution for reliable processes. It lightens the hold and is installed like ARNOLD Magic Air on the wall.

ARNOLD Magic Air and Dock Light are cost effective means of increasing comfort and performance in the loading area.