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Safety Jacks

The ARNOLD® Safety Jack - the solid long living safety stand!

The ARNOLD® safety jack reliably prevents your parked semi-trailer from tipping over during loading operations while at the same time being extremely easy to handle. The jack features sturdy wheels, so you can quickly place the safety jack underneath the trailer and then just adjust its height by means of either a spindle or a convenient 2-way winch.

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ARNOLD safety system

Improved safety for your loading area! The ARNOLD® safety system reliably protects vehicles from inadvertent rolling.

Trucks suddenly moving away from the loading dock may cause severe damage to people and goods. To prevent this kind of danger ARNOLD Verladesysteme offers a modular safety system that consists of three main components: an effective vehicle restraint (ARS or electric wheel chock), a powerful control and a communication unit.

Dock bumpers

Dock bumpers are essential to protect trucks and buildings from being damaged during docking manoeuvres. ARNOLD® offers an extensive range of loading dock protection products. Our portfolio includes conventional dock bumpers made of rubber or polyethylene as well as the highly innovative ARNOLD® spring steel bumper.