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ARNOLD safety system

Improved safety for your loading area! The ARNOLD safety system reliably protects vehicles from inadvertent rolling.

Systematic safety

Trucks suddenly moving away from the loading dock may cause severe damage to people and goods. To prevent this kind of danger ARNOLD offers a modular safety system that consists of three main components: an effective vehicle restraint (ARS or electric wheel chock), a powerful control and a communication unit.

Thanks to its modular structure the ARNOLD® safety system is very versatile and can easily be adapted to the individual customer’s needs and requirements. Below you can find an overview of the system’s main components:

Component 1: vehicle restraint

The vehicle restraint is the basic element of the system, which is provided in basically two variants by ARNOLD Verladesysteme:

  1. electrical supervides wheel chock (E-Keil)
  2. air-powered chocks installed firmly into the ground (ARS)

The wheel chock itself is available in further variant: The most obvious difference is the usage of wired or untethered signal transmission.

Component 2: control unit

The control is at the core of the whole system. This is where all incoming and outgoing signals are connected in order to ensure safe loading operations.

Controls are available in two different versions: control premium and control comfort.

Intelligent control technology allows for the integration of loading ramp and door controls. It is thanks to this interaction that our highly effective safety system unfolds its full potential.

Component 3: communication unit

The safety system can be equipped with a visual communication unit, i.e. traffic lights, and / or an acoustical alarm.