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ARNOLD Electric Wheel Chock

The ARNOLD® electric wheel chock effectively prevents trucks from inadvertent rolling during loading operations thus increasing safety in the loading bay area.

Our pure mechanical wheel chocks you can find here.

Improved safety thanks to intelligent sensor technology

As part of the ARNOLD® safety system this smart wheel chock makes sure that the truck is chocked correctly before dock leveller and / or door may be operated. A visual and / or audible alarm will set off immediately if the chock is taken away before loading is officially finished.


  • Robust body made of galvanised steel
  • Spiral cable with fuse quick coupling
  • 2 strong hand grips
  • Integrated manipulation safe guard
  • Run-over protection
  • Anti slip lining on the bottom side

Options and accessories

  • Off-position check: checks wether the chock has been put back into the wall holder
  • traffic lights
  • wall holder
  • multilingual information signs
  • zero-position check for dock levellers and doors

ARNOLD electric wheel chock with steel track

Optionally, the ARNOLD electric wheel chock can be combined with an in-ground steel track that makes it nearly impossible for the chock to start slipping away.

Features of the steel track:

  • Material: galvanised steel
  • Length of the steel track: preferably 4 - 5m, depending on your yard and incoming vehicles
  • The steel track features transversal ridges made to block the electric chock’s anti slip spikes