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ARNOLD Double Locking Wheel Chock

There are two different types of the ARNOLD Double Locking Wheel Chock: One type can be locked up with a key. The second one has no locking-mechanism. Both safety systems work without using electricity or deserving additional installation.

Lockable Double Locking Wheel Chock

The version with a key: After placing it against the vehicle’s wheel, the device can be solidly fixed up with the help of a distinct lever control mechanism: It will move together each of the chocks, thus blocking the wheel from rolling away. Only the person in charge can close and open it with a key.

Double Locking Wheel Chock - fixed version

The fixed version without key: The double-chock-system prevents the wheel from rolling away in both directions.

Optionally, you can order a warning flag signalling the status of the system. The red side of the flag shows if the van is blocked (from the driver’s perspective). At the same time its green coloured counter-side indicates that the van is ready for loading or unloading (from the staff’s perspective on the loading area).