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Safety Jacks

The ARNOLD® safety jack reliably prevents your parked semi-trailer from tipping over during loading operations while at the same time being extremely easy to handle. The jack features sturdy wheels, so you can quickly place the safety jack underneath the trailer and then just adjust its height by means of either a spindle or a convenient 2-way winch.

Safety Jacks Compared

Safety Jack 1Safety Jack 2Safety Jack 6Safety Jack 9
Product Code708030011708030012708030003708020005708020003
Safety Jack 1 - 820
Safety Jack 2
Safety Jack 6
Safety Jack 9
Minimum height in mm820110010501020550
Maximum height in mm1200140013501300860
Lifting height in mm380300300380310
Lifting mechanismSpindle with star handle2-way winch: fast and powerful under loadadjustable in steps of 60mm
Load Bearing CapacityCan be used to secure front or back of 40t semi-trailers.
SurfaceVery robust and weather-resistant due to hot galvanised steel.
Positioning/MovingManually movable with handles and wheels (Ø 250mm)Manually movable with extra large wheels (Ø 400mm) and comfortable handles as well as movable by forkliftsManually movable with extra large wheels (Ø 400mm) and comfortable handlesManually movable with handles and wheels (Ø 250mm)
Bearing Areaflexible base plate Ø 300mmtransverse traverse 1800mmtransverse travers 710mmnarrow support plate for perfect fit when placed at the end of the trailer
BaseLarge and robust Base. The wheels are not weighted when standing.